Renaming the Writing Center

Have you heard about our new name? Since 1987, we have been called the W&M Writing Resources Center. Lately, however, we have been deep in conversation about our mission and purpose in the university. These discussions have inspired us to adjust our name to match our current practices and our aspirations. We are now the Writing and Communication Center!

Our new name better conveys our role in William & Mary’s dynamic communication environment.

For years, our writing center has helped not only with traditional written assignments but also with multimedia projects and presentations. Many students, however, do not know that we offer services beyond traditional academic essays or research papers. We believe that names hold value and that this new name better reflects our mission to help students with all their academic communication needs. We want the WCC to be a space for strengthening essays, podcasts, presentations, posters, and more!  

Our name change also looks to the future.

We are committed to helping the WCC grow and adapt with the evolving communication needs of our academic community. 

We are still the same student-focused, collaborative learning environment you know and love.

When you make an appointment for a session at the WCC, you will find the same inviting space and friendly faces. You can expect the same care and dedication from our peer consultants. Whether your assignment is a rhetorical analysis, a video essay, or a digital timeline, we look forward to an engaging conversation about your work. Welcome to the Writing and Communication Center!